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Bristol Spline Wrench set SS-508 for Collins Radio Gear

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This Small ORIGINAL Bristol Spline Wrench set SS-508, is our most popular set for working on Collins Radio Gear, and other electronic gear that uses the Bristol Spline set screws.

HOW TO READ OUR PART NUMBERS: On the "L-Keys", the first letter is "S" for all spline L keys. The next three digits indicate wrench diameter in thousandths of an inch, ranging from the tiny .033 to the hefty .454! The next digit indicates the number of "flutes" or engaging points for the wrench...either 4 or 6 flutes.SS-508 9 short arm keys: S-033-4, S-048-4, S-048-6, S-060-6, S-069-4, S-072-6, S-076-4, S-096-6, S-111-6

We also offer a larger set (SS-408) in another listing.

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