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Drake PJ-068 Right Angle Microphone Connector With Screw Terminals

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  • http://d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/12020519/images/rapj068_drawing.jpg
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This hard to find Drake & Collins PJ-068 Right Angle Microphone connector with Screw Terminals, is brand new, and a very convenient microphone plug to use when you have limited space on the bench, or if your microphone plugs into the side of your radio. This plug has a .206 inch diameter 3 conductor shaft required for Collins and RL Drake Radios. It has a slightly smaller shaft than the standard 1/4 inch plug which makes this a hard item to find. This model connector also has screw terminals like the original PJ-068 military connectors, so you do not need to solder the connections.

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