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Drake Pointer Knob for R-4C,T-4XC,R-4B,T-4XB,TR-4,TR-3

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This (single) RL Drake NEW Pointer Knob, is Used on Many Drake Radios like the R-4C, T-4XC, R-4B, T-4XB, TR-4, TR-4C, TR-4CW, TR-3, W-4 Wattmeter, RV-4C VFO and most of the other vintage Darake gear.

(I also offer full sets of these knobs for the C-Line and B-Line and TR-4C in my other listings!)

I am very pleased to offer this new Grade A Plenco Phenolic, original knob for a great low price!This set is what you will need to replace all the pointer knobs on your afore mentioned Drake radio Sets.

(They are the Same knobs used on most RL Drake radios)

You will be very surprised when you see what a difference it will make to replace the old pointer knobs that have lost their shine and have yellowed lines rather than nice bright white lines they had when new.

I also have a sets of them for individual Receivers and transmitters, listed in my other listings. You can save money and shipping costs buying a full set!

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