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CDM / Amphenol 80-MC2M 2 Pin Off Set Microphone Connector for Collins, EF Johnson, Heathkit, & Browning CBs NEW

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This Listing is for one NEW  (1) 80-MC2M 2 Pin Off Set Microphone Connector, Shipped FREE in the USA  

This Amphenol / CDM model 80-MC2M, 2 Pin Off Set Microphone Connector, is used for several Collins, EF Johnson & Heathkit transmitters and transceivers. 

It is a Brand New, ORIGINAL, Amphenol / CDM brand Microphone Connector. 
This Connector is considerably better than the older style. This Connector has a Stainless Steel Spring which will not corrode like the old ones did. The set screws will also not rust or corrode.
 This connector is made with the very same tooling and the original Amphenol 2 pin connectors. The only difference is it is stamped with the CDM name rather than Amphenol and has a Stainless steel Spring which will not rust or corrode.
This 2 Pin (off set) connector was used for the Collins 32V-1,  32V-2, 32V-3 Transmitters;  Heathkit SB-101, HW-101 Transceivers, EF Johnson Transmitters, and Browning Mark III Vintage CB Transceivers, and other ham transceivers. that also use this connector.
As always I strive to offer this item for the best shipped price and may match any other shipped price for a new one.
I also offer this item in multiples of 10 pieces in my other listings.


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