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RL Drake AC-4 Power Supply Rebuild Kit with Pre-Assembled Boards

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This RL Drake AC-4 Power Supply Rebuild Kit with Pre-Assembled Boards, is a must for bringing your AC-4 Power supply up to date with modern capacitors and components.

NOTE: This Product is made in America and is of the highest quality!The Capacitors are high grade 105 degree centigrade Capacitors,modern diodes, and flame proof resistors.All AC-4 power supplies are getting old and the original capacitors are failing and leaking putting your transformer and radio at risk, and degrading the performance.

This new product is easy to install and will provide years of service from your AC-4 Power Supply.This is a fantastic upgrade which will work on early and late RL Drake AC-4 power supplies.

The boards are both completely assembled, with the components already mounted on the boards.Each board has been tested before it is shipped.

All you need to do is wire them in as per the step by step instructions included in the kit. Unlike other products with boards that mount to the transformer in an area where there is the most heat, both of the included boards mount on the chassis as per the example in the pictures below.

It is a nice clean design, and the boards look great installed.If you have any questions regarding the installation of this kit, there is support for this product if you need help.

Finally a great pre-assembled kit to update your RL Drake AC-4 Power Supply!Please check my other listings as I also have a rebuild kit for the AC-3!


Support for this kit is always available from the manufacturer of this product with email and phone support! 

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