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CB Radio Crystal (1) Select pair between Channels 19 thru 40 Xmit/Rec

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This is for (1) pair of CB Crystals for most CB Chanel 19 through 40.

These crystals are type HC25/U (small) and will fit most vintage Crystal type CBs Please see the frequency list below to determine which transmit and receive crystals you need. Please specify in the special instructions (Notes in the order page at check out) which pair you need.

NOTE: these crytals are new old stock and have been stored for some time. They are guaranteed to be to your satisfaction or your money back including the shipping costs.


I do not have the following channels 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20,21,22 T These are out of stock!

(I still have some Ch-21 Receive Please indicate which Channel pair you need!The following are frequencies are still available for Receive HC25/u 26.730=19R, 26.760=21R, 26.770=22R, 26.780=24R, 26.790=25R, 26.800=23R, 26.810=26R, 26.820=27R, 26.830=28R, 26.840=29R, 26.850=30R, 26.860=31R, 26.870=32R, 26.880=33R, 26.890=34R, 26.900=35R, 26.910=36R, 26.920=37R, 26.930=38R, 26.940=39R, 26.950=40R,

The following are frequencies are still available for Transmit HC25/u 27.185=19T, 27.235=24T, 27.245=25T, 27.255=23T, 27.265=26T, 27.275=27T, 27.285=28T, 27.295=29T, 27.305=30T, 27.315=31T, 27.325=32T, 27.335=33T, 27.345=34T, 27.355=35T, 27.365=36T, 27.375=37T, 27.385=38T, 27.395=39T, 27.405=40T

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