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Collins S-Line & KWM-2 Factory Original Feet Set of 12

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This listing is for a Set of (12) Collins Factory Original Feet for S-Line & KWM-2 Note: I have a complete 18-8 type Stainless Steel Hardware set available for these feet in another one of my listings!

We have purchased a limited number of these ORIGINAL Collins Molded Rubber Feet for Collins S-Line, KWM-2, and all the Collins accessories that use this type of feet.They are THE Collins feet used for decades on the S-Line and KWM-2 Radios and accessories, and are of the highest quality, with the washer embedded in them.

These feet are not a reproduction or an aftermarket product. They are original and they actually have the original Collins part number listed in the manual.

They measure 0.469 high, 0.312 countersink diameter, 0.219 0 countersink depth, .172 inner diameter, and a 0.719 outer diameter.They are basically 1/2 inch high and 3/4 inch diameter and fit with the Aluminum spun risers I have in another listing.

Most of the original Feet on the S-Line and KWM-2 gear have been replaced through the years with various types of feet. Some with a taper some without, and many different sizes and rubber type.

These feet are the perfect rubber compound for Collins radio gear. They are not too soft as to leave rubber skid marks when you slide your radio accross the table, yet they have sufficient grip and are rigid enough to hold under the weight of a Collins 30L-1 Amplifier.

You can be assured these are original and the proper size as per Collins and Rockwell Collins Specifications.

Why buy aftermarket when you can buy the real thing?

I have several different sets of 4, 12, and 48 listed, so please check my other listings if you need a different number than in this listing.At my great prices, you may want to replace all of your rubber feet to assure your gear will be the correct height rather than mixing different type feet with my factory correct feet.

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